• Faraday Rotator Glass/Magneto Optic Glass

    * Paramagnetism Faraday Rotator Glasses
    Type MR3-2 glass with higher Verdet constant -0.33 min/Oe-cm at 632.8nm or -96rad/T*m at 632.8 nm is characterized by a high Verdet constant and a lower nonlinear refractive index n2 to avoid self-focusing in high power laser system.


    Type MR4 glass with highest Verdet constant -0.38 min/Oe-cm at 632.8nm or -110 rad/T*m at 632.8 nm


    * Diamagnetic Faraday Rotator Glass
    Type MR1 with very important properties, its higher Verdet constant 0.072~0.092 min/Oe*cm at 632.8nm, it’s nearly independent of temperature from -40℃~+85℃ with better thermal stability, high sensitive and steady which are used for magneto-optical device, instrumentsand, magneto-optical sensor and Magneto-Optical Current Transducer (MOCT), etc.