• Type MR1 Faraday Rotator Glass Elements

    Type MR1 Diamagnetic Faraday Rotator Glass
    Verdet constant=0.072~0.093min/Oe.cm at 632.8nm
    Advantages: Diamagnetic Faraday Rotator Glasses has a very important property which is independent of temperature and widely used in Magnet Optic Current Transform(MOCT) and many kinds of polarimeters and instruments with higher sensitivity and stability

  • Type MR3-2 Faraday Rotator Glass Elements

    * Paramagnetism Faraday Rotator Glass Elements 
    Type MR3-2,  faraday rotator glass with higher Verdet constant -0.33 min/Oe-cm at 632.8nm or -96rad/T*m at 632.8 nm
     Type MR4,  faraday rotator glass with highest Verdet constant -0.38 min/Oe-cm at 632.8nm or -110 rad/T*m at 632.8 nm


    * Excellent homogeneity
    * Very small stress birefraction
    * High damage threshold
    * Broad wavelength range
    * Better transparency properties
    * Lower nonlinear refractive index
    * Lower absorption coeffcient
    * Lower cost
    * Large dimension available