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Xi'an Aofa Optoelectronics Technology Inc. (XAOT)  founded in 2003, brother company of Aviation Magneto Optical Sensor Corp., is a leading manufacturer engaged in R&D a series of Rare-Earth doped glass, faraday rotator glass/magneto-optical glass, Gradient Index Glass; FZ silicon ingot and wafer; faraday rotator, optical isolator; precise F-P pressure sensor, fiber optical temperature sensor; fiber optical components and accessories; micro lens, Grin lens, prism, mirror and optics; precise glass tube and capillary, fiber optical pigtail and collimator which are widely apply to laser, fiber optical communication, imaging , electron, microwave, semiconductor and medical industry.

We mainly manufacture and supply the following  products:

*  Faraday Rotator

*  Optical Isolator

*  MR3-2 and MR4 Faraday Rotator Glass / Magneto Optical Glass   
    (Free finished samples for testing upon requested)

*  Customized Faraday Rotator Elements

*  Thallium (TI) Doped Optical Glass

*  Grin Lens / Self- Focusing Lens

*  Micro Collimating Rod Lens

*  Micro Imaging Rod Lens

*  Micro Imaging Lens Array

*  Prism, Mirror and Optics

*  Precise Glass Tube & Capillary

*  Fiber Optical Pigtail & Optical Collimator

*  Silicon Ingot and Wafers

*  Processing Precision Optics & Mechanics (OEM) 

We equipped with advanced production equipments including cutting, grinding, polishing, fine and special annealing; coating, testing instruments and extensive facilities.

Being actual manufacturer, our qualified products have been distributed worldwide, we enable to guarantee you the production to excellent quality, preferential price and delivery on time.

For detailed inquiries, please
contact us.

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